Backgammon back game

backgammon back game

Play65™ - backgammon Beiträge. alles über Rückseite Spielstrategie. Wenn Sie ein Backgame versuchen, sollten Sie anfangs immer um einen kleinen oder. Backgammon Strategy: How to play a backgammon back game. With an illustrative example. Not too long ago, some canonical back game positions were discussed > , , , etc. Along with them, some positions that an. How to Play Improving Your Game Winning Ideas. Black's home board is wide open. This is often a difficult decision. We are the leading creator of expert-driven video content. In this instance you would accept. Crawfordder bei einigen Weltmeisterschaften immer das Bezahlte online umfragen erfahrungen hatte, nur Vizeweltmeister zu werden. That is you want to have either a prime or semi-prime or as close to a close board as possible.

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